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DUConnect - SISV partnership announcement

Digital Underground Connect is excited to partner up with the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV), an organisation invested in advancing the surveying profession in Singapore.

Good surveying techniques and practices are essential to capture, map, and update reliable and accurate location information of underground assets. We are looking forward to leverage the expertise and network of surveyors in Singapore and join forces with SISV to achieve a mutual objective: the development and advancement of knowledge, expertise, and practices for capturing information of the underground in Singapore.

We are looking forward to work together with Digital Underground Connect towards raising utility survey standards and competencies across the industry, as well as the creation of new opportunities - Mr Chua Keng Guan, SISV

Mr Chua Keng Guan, Member of the SISV Land Surveying Council, will join the DUConnect leadership team.


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